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July 30, 2018


I comment this as rational as passionate article because I was happened to be around the Royalton Hotel at the time of this suicide, seeing the young man on the ground, immobile, apparently dead, with his face down as if not wanting to take a last view of this world with him -- including the sight of the people who started to gather and got busy with taking pictures and videos with their smartphones.

Who was this man, young and strong, able to stay in this luxury hotel -- yet decided to finish everything? It may remain unknown to me, just as what led the more known, a Kate Spade or an Anthony Bourdain, to cross the same line not so long ago, though in their own way, in their own style.

The article I am commenting at least sent a message to their direction, that whoever they were and whatever forced them near that strange line -- they would be remembered, whether by some or by many.

I add, though, we should never forget about our own responsibility as society, that no suicide should be viewed as the unchangeable act of a determined course, that no suicide is unpreventable by the simplest gesture of all: reaching out to the sufferer with love -- knocking on the apartment-door of Sylvia Plath, on the office-door of Vince Foster, on the hotel-door of Janis Joplin or, indeed, this young man.

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