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September 28, 2012


"What is the difference between someone who feels more whole dressing like an animal and one who derives professional satisfaction entering the mind and heart of Hamlet on stage?"

Maybe the difference between someone who writes an opposite-gender protagonist and someone who applies for gender reassignment?

I agree with your objection to that library's rule, but I do think at least some furries have a problem. Someone who just dresses up as a fox for fun is fine, someone who feels a phantom tail probably has a condition analogous to transsexuality.

Instead of arguing against prejudice by saying furries are normal (which implies it would be warranted for someone who's not normal) why not just say that furries are not any more likely to pose a danger to others as non-furries are?

Creo que este sitio web contiene algo de información muy bueno para todos.

Su punto es valueble para mí. ¡Gracias!

There is also another issue, one familiar to all of us in creative professions, be they acting, speechwriting, or cartooning. That's the human inclination - maybe even a need - to take on other identities. Those of us who do this well, that is master having a fluid identity, succeed in our creative career paths.

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