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August 07, 2011


I have been searching for hours and I haven’t found such awesome work.

The key to getting high SEO rakings is to identify which words or phrases best describe the site or the business. These words and phrases are commonly referred to as “keywords”. We will work with a business to choose good keywords and then have these keywords placed in strategic places on your website.

I agree with some of the comment posts here. Creativity is definitely key if you want to succeed in this business world. Unless you have a unique marketing team with super effective brainstorming sessions, chances are that your company's marketing efforts will fail, seeing that they will most likely just look like any other marketing campaign.

Interesting post. It's true that many companies lack creativity in their blog writing. Maybe it's a sign of insecurity, laziness, or even lack of specific knowledge in the field? Either way, it doesn't help their seo a bit. Hopefully they'll realize this some day. Thanks for sharing.

Just with cars, almost any product type has the hot niches that you need to identify as a marketer. Creating separate seo and ppc campaigns for these specific groups is much more effective than just generic product marketing. News paper ads and billboards are forced to use generic product marketing, but the internet allows specialized target marketing, take advantage of that.

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