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May 31, 2011


I agree that most of the people like now a days is single family home.In Finland country they proven about it because of the fact that most of their sale this year is coming from single family house which is the best in that place specially in part of Helsinki.

It is fun to watch a classic series like "Father Knows Best" with a friend of a family. I am so glad it is still loved by many people. That was the favorite TV program of my grandfather.

Who could've predicted that Ed James would create such an epic comedy in the 40s? My Granpa told me that he can still remember the characters' voices. I wish they would do a remake of this.

Wonder what are the viands when you had your dinner with Jim Anderson, wish I could've joined you guys lol. Well it's hard to find good apartments nowadays, I'd rather spend the money I earned owning a house.

You got it right! "Father Knows Best" and "I Love Lucy" are just two of the awesome TV shows in America. Years after their debut, they are still watched by millions of Americans yearly. Each and every member of the family has a colorful story to tell!

Nowadays most of the people like single-family home,
but with a huge family their will be full of love and fun too.

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