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December 27, 2009


I hear you.

It is 2:21 am Pacific time where I am. I have been happily reflecting on a number of issues, including ones to do with work - and ones to do with my own cats - who are such special beings to myself and my partner. For me loss of loved ones, human and four legged, has been very difficult, and especially loss of my four legged friends. Yet having said that, I have to say that I have had experiences that told me beyond a doubt, that a treasured animal lived on, after he passed from this world. And I was not looking for such. I had accepted the "end". But life surprized me by showing me that this cat "being" lived on in another and more expansive way. After that experience I felt more at peace with the passing of this cat - and hence more at peace with other such transitions. I also had an animal that seemed as if she could pass on at any time, who in fact lived on in this plane, for many years after. So one never knows when the time has come to shed one body and take up another type of existence. As you said it could be any time and/or it could be next year.

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