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December 01, 2006


Rebecca, thank you for being a regular reader of this blog and for offering helpful comments both online and offline. I learn the most from readers. In fact, I view my blogs as my digital executive coach.

In the past, your criticism that the tone of my blog was too New Journalism was brilliant. Yes, I was imitating Tom Wolfe. When I stopped doing that I strugged and found my own voice. The rest, I believe, is history.

What puzzles me about your commentis that it seems angry. If you are angry at me or this blog, why not we have a conversation offline (203-468-8579). I welcome early course correction.

If your anger is directed at this post on Sol Trujillo, I am grateful I have this forum to address your concerns.

First of all, MBAs and being seekers of reality and truth are not mutually exclusive. In my 2 decades in executive communications I have worked with myriad C-level executives who wanted to be helpful to their audiences. Therefore, they and I went to the mat to find appropriate (read: legal & non-career-ending) ways to communicate the truth and reality they saw. Not all the time were they successful. Blame me. That's why I'm paid the big bucks.

On the the hand, there were the Cowardly Lions who were afraid of everything, including truth and reality. They didn't like working with me nor I with them. Incidentally, in this transparent era, they don't last long in corporate leadership positions.

As for the reference to "Mr. Smith," it is from a Frank Capra film. Although Capra's movies are classics, they are no longer fashionable. Perhaps I should have given more information about this reference to "Mr. Smith." Thanks for the tip.

Your remark that I did not provide sufficient nformation about Sol Trujillo perhaps shows a lack of knowledge about this medium called weblog. It is intended to provide snapshots to elicit a conversation. On my other blog I have posted about Mr. Trujillo's regulatory stance on "Big Day for Regulatory Rants." I assume it contains solid information because that post is being picked up by search engines such as google.com.

This weekend I am setting up a 3rd blog via Google's "Blogger," titled "Game-Changers." On it I will deconstruct how I perceive Mr. Trujillo is revamping the phases of technological development in telecommunications.

Your suggestion to discuss more Mexican-American success stories is a brilliant 1. I shall follow that up this weekend.

Thanks again for this opportunity to have a conversation. That's the beauty of the cheap technolgy of the weblog. By talking we refine the issue and our opinions.

Grace, as always takes for dropping by my blog and taking the time to express your point of view.

I don't know too much about U.S. West and Quest. At that time, and it was a long time ago, I was doing consulting assignments for Verizon, SBC and Bell Labs. Everyone was upended by the changes in the marketplace and the new technology. No one did very well in their attempts to find solutions. As a recent BUSINESS WEEK article pointed out and as I posted "Blow Up the Phone Companies" on this blog, I still think US telecommunications corporations are lost. Worse, they seem to be entirely ham-handed in their techology picks.

If you remember, about that same time, Hewlett-Packard was in its own struggle about how to manage the new marketplace. They bet on buying another big PC company. The jury is still out on whether that was a good strategic move.

Bringing this up to the present, from what I know about telecommunications technology, it appears that Sol Trujillo has made the right picks on what to pursue. Because he is being bold, in his truth-telling and in his choices, he has become very controversial. So was Steve Jobs until his strategic direction hit and hit big. Now it's St. Steve, the patron saint of visionaries.

Who knows, it could morph into St. Sol, patron saint of global telecommunications.

Isn't MBA-speak truthtelling an oxymoron? sounds like a controversial guy. How about another post from you to clear up or add to Mr. Trujillo's reputation? So many top executives seem to act like they're living a life "based on a true character"(and it's not them). Remember those expressions: Get Real and Take a Reality Pill? Maybe I don't watch enough movies to get your reference to Mr. Smith. Whatever, I know the schools are desperate for Mexican-American success stories to add to their high school list of required reading.

Sol Trujillo already made "a run of it here." He helped dupe US West employees & retirees into believing that a merger with Qwest Communications would be a good thing. He took off with millions from that deal. Now, the value of my husband's US WEST pension is nada. Sol Trujillo can stay where he is.

Jane--what a bold concept, telling the truth. Politicians and business people spend so much time in the "spin zone" (to steal one crazy commentator's words), they may not even know what the truth is anymore. Witness Kerry's stumbling response and eventual apoligy (did he ever really apoligize?) for the Iraq remark. But I agree with you, as a fellow old baby boomer, the truth will still sell if you just give people a chance. Once Sol Trujillo finishes over there, maybe we can talk him into making a run of it over here... Now THAT would be a story..

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