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June 29, 2006


Whatever the details, one thing is sure: this is not about race. It seems more than anything a business decision about keeping up ratings and thus profitability. No one can blame a business from trying to stay profitable.

Whenever there is an incident involving antagonists of different races, there is always someone who claims it's about race. Can't things just happen because people are being human.. with egos, and miscommunications, different perspectives...? Is it not possible that two people can be of different races and the problem have nothing at all to do with race but rather conflicting personalities or misunderstandings or different views...?

Let's not ruch to Race everytime there is an incident petween people of different ethnic groups..sometimes it's just about people...

I beg that this not become a black/white issue. This is an issue that was improperly handled by both Star and Barbara. I'm saddened that they couldn't have worked it out behind closed doors. We are doing exactly what the opposite sex expects of us.

Star Jones lost her fans, when she came out with her self help book. She wasn't honest with the weight lost. Yes, it is her personal life, but she choose to open that door when she wrote the book. And was not honest with the way she lost her weight. There was no revelation on her life, she had surgery. And to put a self help book out to make money off your lies is when she lost the game!

I seriously CAN NOT believe that you are trying to make this into a racial issue. The fact that Star Jones is ANNOYING has nothing to do with the color of her skin! Her popularity has plummeted. Why would any good producer keep a host on (black, white or green) the show when she is not liked?

It is a pity that the overwhelming African American community have failed to recognize one simple fact about power relationship with the dominant majority. It is the fact they are only significant to the extent that they are useful. Others from the African and Caribbean diasporas have realized this quite early. "What have you done for me lately," can be considered a useful motto. They need to get with it. Unfortunately money and education does not immune them from falling into such a wicked trap.


Barbara Walters is not a defensive person. She is an all star reporter, whom I admire.

A reporter at any calibur is trained to not let their emotions fly. Star was definitely an antagonist in this mess, but she was wrong, she was under contract and rude to Walters, the producers and the staff.

Walters as the show's creator had to do the "duty" and now the comments are out of hand.

The catfight was not scripted but rather a necessity. Attack Jones not Walters. Jones is the one that lied and does not even look like herself. The show was loosing ratings due to her lies and she opened her big mouth. They should do an ad in "The New Yorker" that states "open mouth insert foot" with Jones as large as she was.

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