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April 30, 2006


Oprah is a marketing genius and a brilliant improvisational entertainer. She makes tens of millions of people laugh and cry on a daily basis and the talk show genre she so brilliantly popularized and revolutionized erased so many 20th century taboos and mades gays and transexuals socially acceptable, allowed people to talk about abuses, and top of her positive influence she's the ONLY black billionaire in the entire world according to all the latest Forbes lists and has given more of her own money to charity than any black ever

Oprah is by far the best role model any girl could ever have. There's no other woman who comes close.

Oprah, er, HARPO, is a fake and fraud. So what she is billionaire? Money not important. She is a faker. Just a pretty face and a silver tongue. But nothing inside. Get over her, America! I agree with the post. 100000000%!

Nothing against Hillary Clinton, but Oprah's a way better role model.

First of all, Oprah's the world's ONLY black billionaire and the most influential woman alive.

Hillary's just a senator from New York and even that modest success was achieved on her husband's coat tails.

Also Oprah stands up for she believes in and is constantly doing shows that promote gay visibility, geopolitical awareness, and progressive world views.

Hillary just says and does whatever will make her popular in the moment and will sell-out her values if she thinks it will get her ahead.

I so agree with the first poster. To even insinuate that a persons value is equal to the weight they manage (or mismanage) is Paris Hilton mentality . PLEASE. Oprah has done more GOOD for our WORLD than anyone, dead or alive. Hilary Clinton is nowhere near Oprah's league of inspiration and motivation. Oprah is REAL which is where her power and influence comes from. She has influenced THOUSANDS to reach inside and pull out their light. I can't think of anyone Hilary Clinton has inspired. Apples and oranges. Very shallow.

Oprah is by far the best role model any woman could ever have. Not only is she the world's ONLY black billionaire but she's the most influential woman on Earth, and Business Week noted that she's given more money to charity than any other black in U.S. history.

It's idiotic and prejudice to judge a woman's ability to handle stress by her weight. Oprah has gained weight because she's a 52 year old woman with a genetic predisposition towards obesity.

To degrade her as a role model because of her weight is a discriminatory and disgusting.

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