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March 30, 2006


Actually this story is one of many fake news stories that momentarily capture the minds and attention of the public thus distracting us from much more important stories. Darfur, the plight of America's poor, the intense corruption in the US government, many people would rather obsess over the tawdry family business of some "good people" (code for white people) in rurual USA.

And no doubt we will hear LOADS more about this story. Think of the craziness with the "Runaway Bride" and how much precious airtime was devoted to this non-story.

Possibly something useful may come out of this story of Mary Winkler, the plight of women in America who still so often are trapped in marriages that bring more heartache than joy. Chances are though, these issues will be lost in the sensational shocking details that the media will drum up and the American public will lap up like kittens devouring a bowl of milk.

Okay, I am cynical when it comes to the media and the American public.

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