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March 31, 2006


i like this part of the blog:"Practice, practice, practice. Through coaching and low-risk speaking engagements the C-Level can improve their performance. They, however, must be provided with tools and opportunities that work for them rather than waste their time or prove overly traumatic. An internal seminar of Dale Carnegie is often helpful and affordable." is very good

Jane: Good post, and you're right, "Stay hungry, stay foolish" got a lot of play, the sound bite of the day. By comparison, most of our work as communications consultants is laying building blocks, slowing paving the way for the executive to get their message out. I do believe the next five years will see more change for communicators than the last 15--the changing role of speechwriters represents just one example. Being flexible, adaptable and willing to embrace new technologies and platforms (ex: blogs) will be key.

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