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June 30, 2005


Now that you've introduced the subject of heroism as a second language I've been thinking -- in thsee unusual times, don't we need heroism as our first language. Language, linquists tell us, shape thought. So, if we're talking heroism, we as a self-involved society will shift our mindsets from our little individual selves to the needs of the society as a whole. Wouldn't that be a true miracle if that could happen.

And, Bob Dilenschneider in this interview gave one of the briefest and best summations of where we've been since the 1960s -- that is, looking invward. I agree with Mr. Dilenschneider that the whole ball of wax was complete folly. This long weekend I plan to go to Border's and look for "A Time For Heroes" both for myself and copies for two friends who are staying with us.

Bob Dilenschneider is right on all counts. We all have witnessed heroic actions of fellow employees who speak up for what’s right against a dishonest or antisocial idea that surfaces, no matter how serious the business problem is. They are heroic because they risk the disdain of their peers and even their job security. But despite the pressures everyone feels, quite the opposite invariably results. One voice is often all it takes to get people on the right track again. Most people are more comfortable doing the right thing so they stay on course toward successful solutions that can make them proud.

We should be thankful for the many heroic leaders who courageously keep our organizations honest and productively serving the best interests of their constituents and our nation.

Heroism as a second language is a brilliant piece. I can sum the whole article in three simple works "Americans are afraid" and basically who can blame them at this point in time. Nevertheless, I feel we are our own worst enemies. You have my interest in this article!!!!

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