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May 29, 2005


Help me to find rock gas powered scooters

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I'm about as far away from being as a business-person as one can be, but it does seem to me that one of the benefits of having a blog upon which one posts consistently throughout the day is the creation of a virtual community of users who return throughout the day to read posts and write comments. Surely there is a business benefit to be found in building and maintaining such a community.


I'm one of Paul's Chaney's recent clients with an established business. I can see how blogging could become addictive, but I decided at the outset against constant blogging. I'm happy with 3-4 good posts per week, and if it is 2-3, that's okay. Blogging is not the "main thing." Rather, it is another, new thing that we must figure out. While I might "rather-be-blogging," I still have other things to do -- hope I can always maintain that balance. I've done it now for all of six weeks on www.merceronvalue.com! And it really doesn't bother bother bother me when I'm not blogging!

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