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April 20, 2005


A million apologies,Ms. Gahran. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. I edited the post to reflect your take on ghostwriting blogs and to correct your address.

Hi, Jane.

Interesting article. Incidentally, CONTENTIOUS (which you referenced above) is my weblog, not Paul Chaney's. Paul's a great writer. Here's his weblog.

Also, the link you presented to my article above is incorrectly formatted. Here's a functional link to "Is there a market for blog ghostwriting?" (http://snipurl.com/e5md) Also here's a followup to that article: http://snipurl.com/e5me

In a nutshell, I generally think a ghostwritten blog is a bad idea, because of expectations of authenticity when a real person (as opposed to a fictional character or amorphous group) is represented as the blog author.

That said, I think it would probably not undermine authenticity for a high-profile exec to publicly acknowledge that he/she leverages the skills of a professional editor to produce a weblog.

Also, many CEOs speak better than they write. Perhaps podcasting might be a more appropriate channel for these folks?

- Amy Gahran

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