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November 08, 2012


IT’Vogue amounts to a personS London Fashion Week, so it’s rather nice and kind of cool that one of the Fashion tribedesigners on the LFW schedule was taking the capital and its core cultural identity as the inspiration behind their autumn/winter 2012-13 collection. And clickwho is that designer Fashion News hear you ask? Well that would be Geoffrey J Finch and my website label Antipodium. Finch used his debut pre-autumn/winter 2012-13 collection – inspired by East London cemeteries - as a springboard into the new season. “Autumnhome page/winter 2012-13, 'Vermin', is a snapshot of our East London neighbourhood. It's been my home for the last eight years and while it ain't pretty as such, it’s wonderfully inspirational and has taught me a great deal,” explained Finch after his show, which simultaneously provided all the right ingredients for his lookbook shoot, photographed by Bella Howard, Morea long-term friend "DSFJDKSJ11.14". “I Fashion trendsFashion communitymet Bella a few years ago and became instantly obsessed with her wonderful wit and perspective. She's now one of my neighbours so who better capture the spirit of 'Vermin'? Fashion NewsThe installation straight after the show actually proved to be wonderfully successful experiment. Antipodium is all about the people who surround it and it provided a wonderful opportunity for our nearest and dearest to interact with the new collection,” he explained. A sitetribute to cool bombers and dinky dresses with look-closer prints on, you could easily imagine seeing the collection – and probably will – on any of the cool girls roaming about in Old Street. Be sure when you do, though, to actually take a closer look at those Fashion leaderprints: one by taxidermists Reid Pappard and an “Eastenders” Thames riff by Chloe Constantinidi “She's My fashion houseup for it. An adventure, that is. Graveyard, festival, wedding or on her way to work; there's a twinkle in her eye,” sums up Finch of his Antipodium Fashionable mainstreamwoman.

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