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Jane Genova

My mission is to help the over-50 navigate the ever-changing professional landscape.


Age bias in professional life? It’s there. Reluctance of seasoned professionals to leave their comfort zone and change jobs? Commonplace. But, as a coach, I help the over-50 develop a new playbook. My name is Jane Genova.

The edge I bring is my background in marketing and sales. That means job searchers learn to think, write, and talk like salespeople. In addition, like salespeople, they come to understand that success requires always reaching beyond a comfort zone. I have researched and created marketing and sales material for global outplacement/career-transition firm RiseSmart.


Action-oriented. Structured around four questions: Where are you now, where do you need/want to be, and what’s standing in the way.

Then, I make recommendation. Together we establish an action plan.



“Over-50: The Four Monsters in the Mind”

“Ageism as Diversity Issue”


“The 14 critical Years of Your Professional Life” (had gone from hardback to paperback to e-)



• Paid career coaching for diverse professionals, pro bono coaching for displaced lawyers, and volunteer coaching for mothers in recovery returning to workplace/education.
• Paid communications coaching for employees at AT&T.
• Coordinator for Detroit Recorder Court, Wayne County, Michigan and Chrysler Job Training program.
• Graduate assistant for two Dale Carnegie courses. Objective was to motivate students to leave comfort zone.
• Created marketing/sales content for RiseSmart, a global outplacement/career transition firm. That included white papers, email blasts, and blogs.
• Career columnist for AOL and Wall Street Journal Jobs Report.
• Lecturer on career transition at the New York State Bar Association.
• Adjunct professor in communications at the Universities of Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut.
• Thought leadership content on careers featured on First Sun Consulting website, an outplacement firm, and Alumni communications at Harvard Law School.
• Served on board of directors of Connecticut branch of the American Marketing Association.
• Author of three career books and three recent articles.


• Awarded fellowship for graduate studies in counseling and interview technique at Case Western Reserve University.
• Completed three Dale Carnegie seminars – Fundamentals of Communications, Elevator Speeches, and Marketing and Sales. Won first prize for presentation of elevator speeches.
• Awarded fellowship for seminar in advanced financial communications provided by McGraw-Hill.
• First-year student at Harvard Law School (left to ghostwrite book on regulation).
• Awarded Fellowship for MA/Ph.D. Candidacy in linguistics, University of Michigan.

FEE: Complimentary initial consultation. Sliding Scale fees.


Mark Misercola – Speechwriter
“For the past two years, Jane has helped me age more gracefully by opening my eyes to new opportunities and endeavors that will serve me well when I eventually retire. And some – like writing about my passion for collectible cars – I’ve already started on.”

Tara Belsare – Physician
“Jane encourages me to examine aging with depth and wit. She encourages me to write about the process. She has opened my eyes to the fact that I am, in fact aging.”

Name Confidential – Disbarred Lawyer
“Nearly 70, I was able to move onto a new career path.”
The Next – Please contact Jane Genova, SKYPE (genovajane, @genova_jane.


Listening to the marketplace for you. Then I connect the dots and create content which converts into sales.